Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated in Chicago, IL

Our Chicago-based treatment center is unlike any alternative chiropractic clinic you'll ever experience. We get to the root of your pain and treat from there, where optimal well-being is at the forefront. Every condition that we see and provide treatment for requires a thorough understanding of your health history, your daily activities and habits, and our mission to approach each discomfort with compassionate and skilled professionals. 

By providing a wide range of services that cater to every nuance your body experiences, our Chicago chiropractor supports your journey throughout each healthy step forward.

More than meets the eye

Every pain center of your body needs attention and care. Every cellular structure, muscle, ligament, and joint is connected to each other in ways they affect each other if one area is inflamed. Our Windy City Wellness chiropractor takes the lead role in designating the treatment plan and how long each level of care will take based on your willingness to feel educated and informed about your condition and progress. 

While we want every person, who walks through our doors to benefit from the comprehensive wellness treatment plans we offer, we also know that patience and progress go hand in hand. To us, it's not a matter of simple measures to achieve a healthy body; it's more of restoring your well-being to the highest quality so you're able to lead an active lifestyle for several decades to come.

To better serve you and your family, following are the conditions we treat: 

  1. Arthritis - Every stage of this debilitating condition is addressed by our chiropractic team.
  2. Chronic Fatigue - We evaluate your health history and other unseen issues previously not noticed.
  3. Allergies (food and airborne) - Dietary concerns and environmental factors play a role.
  4. Fibromyalgia - One of the most misunderstood chronic conditions that typically affects women more than men.
  5. Digestive Disorders - A healthy gut means less overall bodily inflammation.
  6. Headaches & Migraines - Any signs of throbbing in the head area is an indicator of a potential long-term issue.
  7. Hip & Knee Pain - The severity depends on the cause. Our comprehensive and alternative services offer beneficial results.
  8. Shoulder & Arm Pain - Workspace flow or persistent daily activities could be the result.
  9. Sleep Disorders - Sleep apnea, insomnia, or TMJ
  10. Sports Injury - Contact sports or high-risk sports
  11. Whiplash Injuries - Auto accidents
  12. Low Back & Neck Pain - Cervical treatment is required and offered.
  13. Numbness Oftentimes, a result of a blockage in blood flow to muscles and joints.

Let us help you get on a path to wellness and a life of superior health. We proudly serve the Wicker Park, Bucktown, Lincoln Park, and Logan Square areas of Chicago, IL. Contact our clinic today and request your appointment. 

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