Dizziness and Vertigo

Vertigo can be an unsettling feeling. You may experience minor or extreme dizziness that can throw off your whole body. While you may not realize it, a chiropractor can offer treatments to lessen the effects of vertigo or stop it completely. At Windy City Wellness, located in Chicago, near Bucktown, Wicker Park, Lincoln Park, and Logan Square, we offer chiropractic treatment to help you overcome certain medical conditions and decrease your pain.


What Are the Symptoms of Vertigo?

The number one symptom associated with vertigo is dizziness. Some people only feel dizzy when they first sit up in bed upon waking or when they stand when getting off of a chair. Other people feel dizzy all of the time, including while sitting or lying down. The dizziness can cause a loss of balance or cause you to feel nauseous. Dizziness can also cause headaches and eye pain.

A Chiropractor Can Treat Cases of Vertigo

Vertigo can be caused by many different things. Some people may experience vertigo due to an ear condition or ear infection. Some people experience vertigo as a symptom of migraines. Vertigo can also be caused due to a neck condition. Finally, some people have vertigo and doctors cannot determine the cause. A chiropractor cannot treat all cases of vertigo. We can treat vertigo that is known as cervical vertigo or vertigo that is caused due to a neck injury. If you are experiencing unexplained vertigo, treatments with a chiropractor may help, as many people do not realize that they are experiencing cervical vertigo.

What Chiropractic Treatment Is Used for Cervical Vertigo?

Cervical vertigo is caused by the joints in the cervical spine moving incorrectly. This can be caused by age and a spine that is not properly aligned but is most commonly caused by a neck injury. The neck injury may have occurred during a car accident or can be the result of a desk that is not properly aligned. Spinal alignment and chiropractic treatments that strengthen the neck area can help to prevent vertigo caused by cervical vertigo, or decrease the symptoms that you experience.

Treating Dizziness in Chicago

If you live in the Bucktown, Wicker Park, Lincoln Park, or Logan Square area and you’ve been experiencing vertigo, you should contact Windy City Wellness. Call us today at (773)-235-7878 to schedule an appointment.

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