Lower Back and Neck Pain

Chiropractic Treatment for Low Back and Neck Pain

Treatment for pain in your neck or lower back by a chiropractor will try to solve the cause of the pain. Non-invasive chiropractic treatments will correct the issues causing your pain instead of just covering it up with pain medication. Your complete body wellness is at the heart of chiropractic treatment. You will receive personal care at Windy City Wellness serving the Bucktown, Wicker Park, Lincoln Park, and Logan Square areas of Chicago, IL. We will get to the source of your pain and help improve your overall wellness. 


Chiropractic Help for Low Back Pain

Low back pain can be attributed to problems with your spine. It also can be caused by muscle injury. Pain in your lower back can also be extending from another part of your body. Your chiropractor will perform a comprehensive exam to determine exactly what is causing your low back pain.

Many suffer lower back pain because of pressure against their sciatic nerve. Pressure on your sciatic nerve can come from a dislocated pelvis, a dislocated vertebra, a herniated disc, or from inflammation from a muscle injury. Correcting the cause of sciatic nerve pain will alleviate your low back pain. 

A dislocated vertebra can manually and gently be worked back into its proper position. This will take the pressure off of the sciatic nerve. A ruptured disc could also be pushing against your sciatic or another nerve. Repositioning it will remove pain-causing pressure. Swelling from inflammation will also squeeze nerves causing pain to radiate. Treating muscle injuries and inflammation with massage and ultrasound therapies will reduce swelling and help your muscles to relax and heal. 

Chiropractic Help for Neck Pain

Trauma and stress on your neck can cause muscle tightness. Overextended muscles and ligaments associated with whiplash can cause you severe pain. That pain can radiate to your upper back, shoulders, and over to your arms. 

Massage and ultrasound therapies can also be used in your upper back and neck areas to relieve the tension in your neck. They will help your muscles to relax and break up tight areas. By encouraging blood and oxygen flow to the injured area will assist the natural healing process of your body.

If a whiplash or impact injury has moved the proper alignment of your head upon your spine, your chiropractor can identify this problem. Such a misalignment can cause pain and stiffness in your neck muscles. Your chiropractor will use spine adjusting methods to make sure your cervical spine is properly aligned and your head is sitting properly on your spine. 

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Caring chiropractors are interested in whole body wellness. They understand how one part of your body can affect other parts. By completing a comprehensive musculoskeletal examination, they can determine the source of your low back or neck pain. At Windy City Wellness in Chicago, IL, our doctors will treat the cause and the symptoms of your pain. Call and schedule a consultation with us today and be on your way to wellness. We serve the communities of Bucktown, Wicker Park, Lincoln Park, and Logan Square of Chicago, IL.

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