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At Windy City Wellness in Chicago, patients receive effective chiropractic pain relief addressing numerous causes.

Chiropractors treat the body’s musculoskeletal system, which includes muscles, bones, tendons, cartilage, ligaments, joints and connective tissues. When elements of this body system are out of adjustment, the result can be pain in the neck, spine, joints and elsewhere.

Meet Your Chiropractor

Dr. Michael Pontarelli has practiced chiropractic medicine since graduating from Logan University with a doctorate in chiropractic care in 2002. At Windy City Wellness, he has treated professional and weekend athletes, dancers and countless other people suffering the effects of workplace slip and fall injuries, car accidents, age-related spinal and joint disorders and other causes of chiropractic pain and discomfort.

Dr. Pontarelli has a passion for continuous education regarding holistic treatment techniques. He’s currently studying chiropractic neurology and will soon earn certification so he can offer patients an additional effective treatment option.

Conditions Treated

Chiropractic services can address sports injury and a wide range of spinal and related pain. His expertise ranges from treatment for neck and back pain, sports injury and whiplash to fibromyalgia and constant or intermittent pain in knees, hips, shoulders and arms. His patients can also find relief from sleep disorders, migraines and headaches, digestive disturbances and other pain or discomfort symptoms.

Services Offered

Dr. Pontarelli and his team use gentle but proven chiropractic techniques and therapeutic massage therapy to readjust the body’s musculoskeletal system and bring long lasting relief.  

He might also offer corrective specialized exercises tailored to your needs so you can further strengthen your body while at home or work. In order to help prevent future health problems, Dr. Pontarelli further extends nutritional counseling and lifestyle advice to help keep you strong.

And finally, he and his team go to workplaces and public gatherings to provide spinal and postural screenings for early warnings of musculoskeletal disorders and to optimize your health and wellness.

Schedule an Appointment Today

There’s no reason you need to go through life with chronic pain and discomfort for any cause. Through the compassionate and effective care of Dr. Pontarelli and his team, you can address a range of chronic and sudden pain conditions, even discomfort you might have carried with you for years.

Make an appointment at Windy City Wellness. Explain your symptoms, and we’ll listen attentively, diagnose your condition and offer a treatment plan if one is appropriate. We proudly provide services in the Bucktown, Wicker Park, Lincoln Park, and Logan Square areas of Chicago, IL. 

Simply call us at (773) 235-7878. Or, for your ultimate convenience, submit an appointment request online.

Windy City Wellness is located at 1811 W. North Ave., Ste 202 in Chicago.


Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I've been going to Michael Pontarelli for years for my back, and he is absolutely amazing. Some chiropractors are like a production line, just manipulating you, but Michael is incredibly passionate about his work and tries to treat your whole body and lifestyle. His knowledge of the body is simply amazing."
    Philip G.
  • "Not only did he cure my neck problems, but he helped provide nutritional information for me that changed my life. I highly recommend going to see him if not for a sore or tight muscle issue, than for his knowledge of exersice, nutrition and overall general health."
    Megan R.
  • "I came to him originally due to sports accident which left me severely injured. Not only did he help me heal quickly but he also helped to reduce the scaring on my face using laser treatments and acupuncture. I can not recommend him enough to anyone looking to improve their health or trying to remedy a health issue."
    Dan L.

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