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New Patients at Windy City Wellness

Before You Come In

Our Windy City Wellness new patient paperwork is available for you to complete and submit online.  We ask that you wear athletic wear or loose-fitting, comfortable clothing, since you will receive treatment, active exercises and stretches at your first visit. Also, please bring your ID and insurance card.

Your First Visit

Please allow an hour for your first visit and you can expect to receive various forms of treatment at this initial visit, including an adjustment, mobilization, and stabilization exercises, or stretches.

When you enter, you will check in at the kiosk before meeting with Dr. Pontarelli. He’ll sit down and have a comfortable, relaxed conversation with you about your health, concerns, history, any questions you have—anything at all that will help him understand what’s going on with your current situation. He’ll listen carefully and ask any questions needed to provide insight.

Then he’ll take your vitals—blood pressure, heart rate and weight—and conduct a thorough examination. This will include neurological testing, muscle testing, functional testing to assess mobility and more.

As he goes through this process, Dr. Pontarelli will describe what he’s finding and explain how certain things may contribute to your issue. He will inform you of the strategies he’ll employ moving forward.

Next you will be guided through the first steps in your care, striving to empower you with the tools necessary to begin feeling better right away. Dr. Pontarelli will give you a few exercises to do at home, and he’ll video the exercises with you so you can see how to do the exercises on your own. You may also receive an adjustment at this visit.

Follow-up Visits

Regular visits are usually 30-45 minutes in length. Most patients receive care one or two times a week for the first three to four weeks, depending on their condition. Concussion and other neurological issues will require more frequent care.

Take the First Step

Contact us today to take the first step to better wellness. We are in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and PHCS and can help you submit claims to other insurance plans.
Contact Us

New Patients at Windy City Wellness | (773) 235-7878